20-24 May, London: Peer-to-Peer Visit to UK National Authorites

AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe) and RAI Secretariat (Regional Anti-corruption Initiative) partnered up to implement a 2-year Regional Project on asset recovery titled “Strengthening Anti-Corruption in the South East Europe through Improving Assets Seizure Measures” (the Regional Anti-corruption Project). The Regional Project is financed by the British Government and supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation. One of the actions of the project is a Peer-to-Peer Visit to the authorities in the United Kingdom.

The Peer-to-Peer Visit is taking place from 20-24 May. It is the second and final Peer-to-Peer visit organised within the Regional Project.

The objective of the Peer-to-Peer Visit is to learn first-hand about the best practices and experiences of UK Authorities, and thus to increase the capacity of practitioners, prosecutors and judges in the SEE region to fight corruption and organized through applying in practices asset recovery measures. The Peer-to-Peer Visit will enable participants to gain better understanding of the modalities and mechanisms in the field of asset recovery applied in the UK.

RAI Secretariat

21 May 2019

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